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If you love fashion and have dreamt about owning your own clothing store, $10 Clothing Store Developers can help you make that dream a reality.

$10 Clothing Store Developers will do everything from assisting you with financing if you require it, finding a location and negotiating the lease terms for a suitable space for your store, providing you with all the opening value products for your store’s grand opening, providing you with a full on-going contact list of top quality suppliers, and as much or as little assistance as you may require in placing your orders for the life of your store.

Along with providing you with a beautifully completed open store that is ready for business, you will also receive complete training on all the aspects of operating your own clothing store.

Just as important as the comprehensive services we offer, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are the 100% owner of the store, it is not a franchise. There are no monthly fees, costs or overhead to burden you as a new owner other than the basic costs of being in business. As the owner, you have total control and final say over every decision that is made.

At the end of this thorough process, you will have your own clothing store, the training, and the power of complete ownership, all for an amazingly low, one-time cost of $84,900.

We could tell you more about our fashion forward approach to value clothing retail, and how beautiful our stores are, but that privilege we are leaving to our actual store owners. CLICK HERE to view real people who began with a dream just like you, and are now running gorgeous boutique clothing stores that are now their reality every day. Each day these folks get up and have the satisfaction of driving to a job that is theirs, at a store they own, with customers and products that they love. So can you, it all starts with filling out our brief store ownership interest form and then making a phone call.

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What is it like to open a business with the assistance of Clothing Store Developers?

The first step.

To begin the development of your own store, simply fill out our online application, or call in to speak to a National Development Director. Each of our clients is assigned a Development Director to answer any questions or respond to any concerns they may have throughout the process.

Securing Business Financing

After the initial planning phase, you will be assigned a Business Funding Advisor. They will help you secure the necessary financing for your store. We offer a variety of funding types to satisfy the needs of our clients. Not sure if you qualify for funding? There’s no risk to find out for sure. We provide free credit repair services and special financing programs to help our clients get the business funding they require.

Read More about Financing

Finding A Suitable Retail Space

The right location can determine the success or failure of a business before it even opens. Our site location team utilizes cutting edge real estate tools to produce comprehensive traffic counts, demographic studies, and competition analysis to help our clients find the perfect spot for their retail business.

Read More about Site Location

Negotiating a Retail Lease

Get your clothing store started off on the right foot with special lease terms and lowered rent. Our commercial lease negotiators have the experience of thousands of lease negotiations and a 17 point checklist that covers all the important provisions to consider when leasing a retail space.

Read More about Lease Negotiation

Building Out Your Store

Once the site is ready, a Build Out Supervisor will travel to your location and personally oversee the build out of the store. Using the experience gained from building thousands of stores, they will manage the entire project, including the labor crews. We provide the labor and fixtures to get it done quickly – and then hand you the keys to your very own store.

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Global Merchandise Network

Clothing Store Developers maintains their own import warehouse to pair with a global network of merchandisers. We negotiate low prices thanks to our volume buying power. Our buyers hand-select wholesale merchandise for quality and profitability – recommending only the highest-performing products for you to stock.

Read More about Merchandise

Training and On Going Support

The CSD training program covers every aspect of successfully operating your store – from ordering and merchandising inventory to store promotion and personnel supervision – is fully covered. Training is tailored to the schedule and needs of the client. You can learn via phone and internet, or take a learning vacation to our Las Vegas corporate facility for some hands on training. As long as you own the store, our training and support is always available.

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Have Questions?

Join our free teleseminar.

Business Teleseminar

We offer an ongoing series of telesminars geared to our various retail business concepts in a casual, no-pressure environment. Feel free to join us just to listen - or bring your questions. You need only sign up and call in to the teleconference line to connect with fellow investors and our business experts.

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No Experience Required....

...Because You're Never Alone. You supply the drive and passion for your new business, CSD supplies the experience.

If you have experience in retail or fashion, great. But even if you don't, as a new Clothing Store Developer owner, you'll receive the best training and support in the retail industry. That training is based on the real-world experience of longtime retail owners and store developers - not just classroom theory. You have access to CSD trainers and training from the moment you sign up for development until...forever.

The Advantages of Independent, Turn-Key Ownership over Franchise Opportunities

For many investors, owning a franchise store seems like a good deal. They get a large support network that answers their questions, provides training, and supplies them with goods and business services. The deal looks worse the longer you look. Franchises also have high starting prices, huge booklets full of rules and regulations, and ongoing fees on gross sales (not profit). Discount Retail Store Services is offering our clients everything positive that a franchise does, without the negatives.

The Store Owner is the Boss

With Clothing Store Developers, owners control the entire process. They have final say over all the important factors that go into opening a business. They also get to keep all the profits. The role of CSD is to provide counseling, service, and support – our owners need never feel alone.